1 Lifetime Membership

(Registered Optometrist)

INR 10000/= N/A
2 Student Registration

One time during studentship

A student can become a complete member only after completing the course from UGC Recognized Institutes/State Government/Recognized Board and qualifies as an optometrist, in that scenario

He I She needs to enroll for full lifetime membership within 6 months of issuing certificate (Diploma/Degree in Optometry)

He I She will only have to pay a 50% membership fee if they have taken their student membership

INR 600/=



INR 5000/=













3 Associate Membership

(Non- Optometrist as Registered Dispensing Optician)


INR 3,000/=

INR 2000/=
4 Lifetime Member

(for Overseas applicant-Registered optometrist)

(for Foreign Nationals/Indians working abroad

USD $ 250/- N/A
5 Colleges/ University Institution Membership INR 20000/= INR 10000/=
6 Corporate/ Industries Membership INR 50000/= INR 30000/=
7 Duplicate Document Fee


INR 1500/= N/A
8 Good Standing Certificate (Valid for six months ) INR 6000/= N/A


1.   Under Standard Process: – Maximum 90 days are required after receiving the Application documents to process and issue the membership.

2.  Under Priority(Tatkal) Process: Maximum 10-15 working days is required if all documents meeting the eligibility criteria as mentioned on the website  Additional fees of INR 10,000/- will be charged.

3. Once the fees are deposited into IOA account it will not be refunded

4. Indian citizens residing abroad would fall in the foreign category and payment of $ 250 needs to be paid