Secretary Message

It is evident that the quality of service provided by an optometric practice is a function of Optometrist’s clinical skills and the provision of state-of-the-art instrumentation facilities. The pace of technological and scientific development is much faster today than it was 50 years ago. In contrast, today’s academic and commercial pressures frequently force premature publication and exploitation of new ideas, methods and therapeutic interventions. Thus, the optometrist should be equipped with cutting-edge technology to diagnose, evaluate and manage any ocular pathologies or approaches that promise to recover visual performance.

IOA is dedicated to enhancing the reach & quality of eye care whilst providing a global platform for exchange of ideas, technologies & knowledge across the optometry sector.

Who knows better than us as optometrists that quality of life is deeply connected to having normal, comfortable crisp and clear vision. Once empowered with clear eyesight, our patients can go about life with confidence—they can do a number of thins without any hassles, perusing studies, without struggling with headaches; contribute at work meetings without straining their eyes many more such activities with a comfortable and strain free vision. The use of eyeglasses may seem basic to us, but to our patients, it can be life changing.

One of the most personally gratifying aspects of our profession is how we’ve been specially educated to provide a valuable service to anyone who needs it. When a person—no matter their age or socio-economic status—has a vision difficulty, they can confidently go to an optometrist and receive the care they need.

Being associated with IOA, I see an opportunity which allows us all to give our voice, create change, and ensure the future of our profession. The more people that we have standing and working together, the louder our voice will be, the more support we will have to create change, the easier it will be to achieve goals, and the stronger we will be to ensure our future. I encourage you all to continue yourself as involved as possible in the activities of the association.

I ask you to reach out to our colleagues who are not aware of the importance of membership within our association so that Indian Optometric Association may continue to grow and thrive!