President Message

The Indian Optometric Association is a registered body under society act and has been active since then. It has protected and advanced our profession far greater than the founding colleagues would have ever dreamed. Nationally or internationally this is the only Indian Optometric Association is the only organization representing Optometric professionals of the country.

The value of Indian Optometric Association is clear we have been working hard towards getting legislation and with our efforts we have been success in getting Optometry listed as healthcare profession. We protect our profession and the public health.  We are unified in sharing camaraderie, best practice ideas and resources, frequent continuing education opportunities and have access to all our members additional benefits after launch of online courses in collaboration with Australasian College of Behavioral Optometry (ACBO). We become a strong advocate for optometry and the public when we are a unified front. We are exceptional! We are here to protect, connect, evolve and thrive!  Encourage others to be a part of the IOA. I encourage all to feel the value of membership and join today!